4 morning routines for guaranteed success

When my alarm goes off, all I want to do is hit snooze. But the truth is, these precious morning moments can set the tone for the rest of your day, so we have to make them count!

A consistent morning routine is essential to maintaining a healthy and happy life. Here are four things you can when your first wake up to guarantee a productive and successful you all day long.

  1. Resist the snooze – I used to be the kind of person who would have four alarms go off before I finally made the leap to get out of my cozy bed. And while the extra snoozing feels great at the time, it sets up your day for procrastination. I mean think about it. The first task of your day is to get out of bed, and you’re putting it off as long as possible! This nasty habit could easily transfer to other parts of your day. So instead, avoid the snooze button, set one alarm for the moment you have to get up, and rise and shine!
  2. Make your bed- We all know being productive feels great. You clean out the entire garage, or finally finish that huge project that’s been hanging over your head at work – and the feeling of completion is unbeatable! While you might not get quite the high from making your bed, it’s a small step of productivity that gives you a taste of that “I can do it” lifestyle, encouraging you to get more done all day. Don’t know if this is old news but making your bed is surprisingly powerful. Still not convinced? Here’s a helpful article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrew- merle/benefits-of-making-your-bed_b_7980354.html
  1. Meditate- With all the hustle and bustle of life, our thoughts are always whizzing from one to the next, without ever taking a break. It’s important to take time each day to clear your head and allow yourself to settle into a state of peace. And you don’t have to meditate for an hour for this to be effective. Take six to seven minutes in the morning to sit in a quiet, softly-lit room and focus on your breathing. Allowing yourself to clear your head leads to greater clarity and calmness for whatever the day ahead may hold.
  2. Exercise- This is the ultimate jumpstart to your day. Morning workouts enhance your metabolism, helping your body burn more calories all day long. This early exercises also allow less room for excuses. I know I’ve used every reason in the book to convince myself that I don’t need to workout: I had a hard day, that meeting went awful, I really need to buy that birthday present, etc. But when your workout is the first part of your daily routine and you have the whole day ahead of you, it’s hard to push it down the priorities list.

Adding these four things to your morning could change your entire day. Follow these four steps with a healthy breakfast, and head out on your usual day with a clearer mindset leaving you ready to take on anything!