4 ways to look younger and thinner in 5 minutes

Think about your daily routine. You probably spend a lot of time sitting at a computer, or staring at your phone. Maybe you spend more time in the car or sitting on your couch.

But there’s one thing all of these activities have in common. You’re probably hunched over while you’re doing them. Getting rid of this hunch can make you look five years younger and five pounds lighter!

I know, I was skeptical too. But think about what someone looks when they’re slouching. Tired, lazy, aging, and even overweight. When you’re in a hunched position, any belly fat you have all moves to the same place, making it look like there’s a lot more there than there actually is.

Another bonus: Having a good posture can actually double as a small workout, strengthening stomach muscles and tightening your core.

Try to add these four moves to your daily routine and you’ll look younger and skinnier on Day 1!

  1. Find your natural stance – The first thing you need to do is identify your natural posture, so you’ll know exactly how to correct it. Stand in front of a full length mirror with your feet hip width apart. Take a good look at yourself from the side. If you have poor posture, it’ll be immediately noticeable, and you’ll see how it’s not helping your appearance. Now figure out how to correct it. Your ears should be in line with your shoulders your chin parallel to the ground. Make sure your neck isn’t jutting forward and your shoulders aren’t rounding in. These are two tell-tale signs of poor posture. Now that you’re aware of the specific issues with your natural stance, you can consistently think about correcting them throughout the day.
  2. Chin Tuck- This exercise is incredibly easy, and can be done sitting at your desk or while walking to get lunch. Start with your shoulders rolled back and down. Look straight forward and place two fingers on the front of your chin, tuck your chin in and move your head back, intentionally making a double chin. Hold for 3-5 seconds and then release. Repeat 10 times. While it doesn’t feel attractive, the more of a double chin you make the better you’re doing at aligning your spine.
  3. Doorway stretch – This exercise is great for loosening chest muscles, allowing you to sit comfortably with your shoulders in an attractive-looking rolled back position. Stand in a doorway and lift your arm so it’s parallel to the floor, bend at the elbow so your fingers are pointing at the ceiling and place your hand on the door jam. Slowly lean into the raised arm and push against the door jam for 7-10 seconds. Relax the pressure and then press your arm against the door jam again, this time bending your knee into a small lunge so your chest passes the door jam for 7-10 seconds. Repeat this two to three times on each side for a great chest stretch.

Inhale and exhale – While this may seem obvious, there’s a certain way to control your breathing in order to train your body to sit up straight. Stand in your natural stance, and roll your shoulders back, then down to open up your chest. Keep your ears aligned with your shoulders and your chin parallel to the ground, looking straight forward. Breath in deeply through your nose until your stomach feels full, about three to six seconds. Then exhale slowly through your mouth until you feel you’ve exhausted all the air. As you’re doing this, slightly tuck your tailbone and tighten your lower abs so your spine looks straight and your stomach full. Come back to natural stance and repeat ten times. The key to this exercise is taking your time. The longer, deeper breaths you take the more effective if will be.