5 tips to start running (and stick with it!)

Getting into shape is tough. And it can be ever harder to actually stick to an exercise routine and turn it into a long-term habit. But it can be done, and if you put your mind to it I promise you can do it to. As long as you have the desire, drive and these five tips, you can get used to the sound of your sneakers hitting the pavement because can be a runner!

  1. Gear up- Obviously you’re going to get dressed for your run, but suiting up is half the battle. Once you’re in workout gear, it’s almost impossible to back out. Think about it: How bad would you feel taking off clean running clothes. This doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy a new fancy workout outfit. For your first few jogs, sweats and your overworn band tee will do, as long as you’re dressed appropriately for the weather and feel comfortable. Don’t forget headphones and an upbeat playlist (think Michael Jackson’s Beat It or Katy Perry’s Firework) to keep you motivated and entertained.
  2. It’s not a marathon– A marathon is a great long-term goal, but it isn’t realistic when you first start out. Making achievable goals that you know you can reach is the best way to get that feeling of accomplishment and the encouragement you need to keep running. On your first run, aim for consistently running for 10 minutes. Once that starts to feel easy, up it to 20, and keep
    pushing yourself!
  1. Brag about it– Telling your friends, husband and kids about your new running aspiration will force you to keep going. If you pick your kids up from school and they ask you about your run that day, you won’t want to admit if you skipped it. So let them keep you in check, and don’t stop with your kids! After your first run, when you’re feeling sore and heading to drinks with your girlfriends, let them know! Who knows, maybe some of them will be runners who will share their success stories and tips with you. Or, better yet, one of them will want to join you in our running endeavor and you can motivate each other! Either way, bragging about your new habit will make you feel great and want to make it permanent.
  2. Reward yourself– There’s no better motivator than knowing that you can have one of your favorite things once you meet your daily running goal. Whether it’s a piece of dark chocolate, a massage, or binge watching your favorite trash TV show (come on, we all enjoy Real Housewives from time to time) rewarding yourself is the best way to get running. Choose your guilty pleasure, and force yourself to run before indulging.
  3. If you don’t have time, make time – This might be the hardest of them all, but it’s also the most important. A lot of us will quit something because we don’t make it a priority. If you’ve gotten up, made breakfast, thrown together that science project that’s due in 3 hours, taken the kids to school, cleaned the house, etc., you’re probably thinking you deserve to relax. And you do! But if you’re really committed to becoming a runner you’ll push relaxation down a notch on your priorities list and go for a run. If you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day, make time. Whether it’s a quick jog at lunch, or before bed, fit it in even if you can only squeeze in 10 minutes.