6 beauty hacks to look well-rested (even when you’re not)

We all strive for that look. The just got back from vacation, worry free, effortless appearance of a well- rested women.

But obviously we all have priorities, and sometimes catching those extra Z’s gets knocked down a few pegs for running through to-do lists in your head or staying up with your stomach-flu sick child.

Luckily, there are a few beauty hacks you can use to trick your skin into looking lively – even when you aren’t.

  1. Go Minty – It turns out mint has more uses than making the perfect mojito! This fresh-smelling herb stimulates blood circulation, helping new nutrients get to your skin cells. Pick up a mint- infused cleanser for the next time you’re feeling exhausted, and watch your skin awaken after washing.
  2. Cool down– We’ve all seen the cucumber slice trick to eliminate eye puffiness, but it’s effectiveness has nothing to do with the cucumber itself! It’s actually the coolness of the veggie that constricts blood vessels, reducing puffiness. So grab a bag of ice, frozen peas, and even a frozen wet washcloth and let it rest on your under eye area for at least ten minutes. This will reduce eye puffiness, leaving you looking alert and ready to tackle anything.
  3. Brighten those eyes– Your eyes tend to show how tired you are the most. And nothing says sleepy like half-open, dull eyes. Luckily, this is easily solvable with the right application of makeup you probably already have. Try putting eyeliner on your inner eye-lid and an eyelash curler on your lashes to create the illusion of bright, open eyes
  4. Exfoliate away your exhaustion– Every time we exfoliate, oxygenated blood flows to the surface of our skin. If you use an exfoliant with dissolving fruit acids, your skin will be left glowing with energy. Next time you feel like your skin needs a pick me up, exfoliate and moisturize for ideal revitalization.
  5. How about some bubbly? – Ok, so unfortunately a glass of champagne won’t actually make you look more awake (although you may feel it!) But a champagne-toned highlighter can seriously brighten up a dull complexion! Try blending a champagne toned liquid luminizer in with your foundation and blend it into your skin. The subtle shimmer will leave you looking sparkling with energy.
  6. Awaken with color– Nothing says lively like a sun-kissed glow. By adding bronzer and blush to your makeup routine, you can add color to your face, making yourself look energetic and excited to tackle the day.