Be The 8%: Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions with These Techniques

It’s the time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Whether it’s losing weight, getting in shape, quitting bad habits like smoking or eating too much sugar, most of us have self-improvement on our resolution list. Yet, research from the University of Scranton suggests that only 8% of people will actually achieve their New Year’s goals in 2015. That means 92% of those of us who make New Years’ resolutions are destined to put our wish list on the back-burner. How can you be one of the 8%? Here are five tips to making a change–and sticking to it — in 2015:

CREATE A 30-60-90 PLAN

Don’t just think about your “new year, new you” ideas: write them down in a calendar. In a date book or blotter, create a “30-60-90 day plan” just for your resolutions. By “chunking” your goals into a one-month, two-month and three-month program, you will instantly make your goals easier to attain. Each day, start your day by writing in your daily journal one step you plan to make towards your goal. Each evening, go back and make sure you did it. Once you get to the three-month mark, you will start to see changes. Then, create your next three-month plan and before you know it, you’ll be at the next New Year’s Eve with something to celebrate!


It’s never too late to begin again — and adding just a few small to do’s to your morning routine can add zest and energy to help you meet your goals. Along with your daily multivitamin, boost your metabolism with a 16 oz. glass of ice cold water; add a daily probiotic, a beauty supplement like collagen or keratin and an antioxidant like Resveratrol or French Melon to promote your good health and wellness so you can go out and make your goals happen. You don’t need to overdo it on the supplements either: stick to five that work for you every day!


It’s easier to stick to your resolutions if you work together with a friend, spouse or colleague. Check in with your partner daily and ask him/her to hold you accountable for your progress–and be there to help you get back on track if you stray. Reward yourselves together with a special treat (that doesn’t involve your bad habits like eating or going out to the bar) like a shopping day or day trip to the beach, mountains or spa!


Sitting is the new smoking–so whatever you do, get up and get moving. Commit to just 30-minutes of exercise five days a week, whether it is a brisk walk, hike, swimming, dancing–find something you enjoy and just do it. Studies show that you can lose the weight without starving yourself or three-hour workouts. You can stick to a healthy 1,600 calorie diet and increase your activity (such as walking) by 30-minutes, five days a week and still lose some weight. Need a boost? Try a supplement like Re-Body® Meratrim® made of a non-caffeine, naturally sourced extract of Thistle and Garcinia Mangostana (a fruit from Southeast Asia) which has been shown in double-blinded clinical study to help begin reduction in pounds and inches in waist in as little as two weeks.†


Make technology your friend! There are new smartphone apps that allow for colleagues who share a common goal to compete and help each other stick to a resolution. From weight loss or fitness apps like Lose It! or savings apps (if your resolution is to buy something big like a trip or a new home!), check out the new social technology that is helping users help each other.

What will you do to be one of the 8%? Share your resolutions and progress with us on Facebook–and we may feature your story!


†Participants in the study had an average BMI of 34, ate a 2000 calorie per day diet and walked for 30 minutes 5 days a week. All ReBody products are intended to be used as part of a diet and exercise program. Check with your doctor before beginning a new diet, exercise program or supplement especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or under a doctor’s care.

Meratrim is intended to be used according to the procedure in the clinical study. The eight-week study was conducted in India on adults with an average BMI of 34 and between the ages of 21-50 years old. Study participants took Meratrim twice daily, consumed a prescribed 2,000 calorie per day diet and exercised 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

Meratrim proprietary blend of two natural plant extracts is exclusively distributed by InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc.

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