Benefits of Red Wine: Does Resveratrol Work?

Does Resveratrol work? Scientists explored that question when they presented their studies at RESVERATROL 2012, the second international conference of Resveratrol and health, held December 5 – 7, 2012, at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.

One of the studies they reviewed was from University of Florida (UF) Institute on Aging, Researchers administered our Reserveage™ Nutrition-brand Resveratrol Polyphenol Blend with their subjects.

They called it the RIPE Trial—RIPE for Resveratrol for Improved Performance in the Elderly.

Participants in this double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot trial took 1,000 mg of Reserveage Nutrition Resveratrol Polyphenol Blend or a placebo each day for 90 days. The groups included male and female subjects between the ages of 65 and 100.

The Researchers administered with our Resveratrol 500 mg and 250 mg to test the hypothesis that supplementing with Resveratrol is safe and increases cognitive function and hippocampal brain activation patterns in older adults.

The results were encouraging. Participants demonstrated a significant increase in their word recall, short-term memory and attention, as well as improved the time it takes to complete a task.*

One of the UF researchers, Stephen Anton, PhD, who serves as a Reserveage Nutrition scientific adviser, was at the international conference to report on the study. This was quite the honor, and significant because the RIPE Trial was the first human clinical study to explore Resveratrol’s effects on cognitive performance in older adults.

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