Why CocoaWell?

We created CocoaWell® because both the research—and history—tell us people value cocoa not only for its taste but also for its physical benefits. Long before scientists began studying cocoa, people throughout history made it part of their lives, recognizing it as a nutrient that provides sustenance and strength.* Let us point out some of cocoa’s benefits.

First, the indigenous people whose cocoa-drinking culture inspired CocoaWell. We learned how the Kuna of coastal Panama drank 30 ounces of cocoa a day. They were able to maintain this sacred practice in their villages until a disease called witch’s broom killed many of their cacao trees. But when they were drinking cocoa regularly, a research study followed their health for 20 years, finding that as they aged, they were able to maintain blood pressure at already normal levels and enjoy cardiovascular health.*

Numerous university scientific studies indicate that cocoa offers benefits to help support blood flow and blood pressure levels that are already within normal range and therefore heart health. By supporting the circulatory system, cocoa supports and helps retain good cognitive health as well.*

Our Science-Based CocoaWell® is Grounded in the Belief that Supplementing with Cocoa is a “Win-Win” for Supporting Your Health.*



Promote energy while supplementing your diet with this proprietary supplemental powder formulated with Pure Plant Flavanol Complex (PPF Complex®), Organic Chocamine® brand extract and organic- and Fair For Life-certified cocoa with 70 percent cacao*