Are you following us on Pinterest?

What if the hokey pokey is what it’s really all about?

That’s one of the great posters you’ll find at Pinterest, where pinning images is what it’s all about. If decorating bulletin boards or making a collage has ever been one of your creative passions, Pinterest offers the perfect outlet for you.

The first step is creating boards where you can start pinning. First, you’ll want to explore what other pinners are doing. Visit their boards and feel free to borrow their images to repin on your own boards.

It’s not unusual to find pinners who have made dozens of boards—recipes, ideas for the home, favorite places, inspirational people…the list is endless. Each reflects the pinner’s personality, interests and preoccupations. There is no limit to the number of boards you can create or the images you can pin on each. Just pin the images you want and Pinterest will organize them for you.

Before you know it, other Pinterest users will be following your boards and inviting you to follow theirs. The more followers you attract, the more images you’ll discover. That’s when Pinterest can become positively addictive. You’ll find yourself creating more boards and editing your existing boards. As with writing, the more specific you are with your boards, the more will follow your boards.

At our Reserveage™ Pinterest page, you’ll find our products but we’ve also created boards that reflect our lifestyles, our values…what we at Reserveage are all about. So you’ll find Healthy Treats, Green Crafts, For the Love of Chocolate, G is for Grape and Fruit of the Vineyard.

Our Pinterest page for CocoaWell® features our products, images celebrating Our Lifestyle, All Things Cocoa, All Things Chocolate and photos of the healthy Kuna Culture that inspired CocoaWell. The Kuna are an indigenous people of coastal Panama. A 20-year Harvard study of their sacred practice of drinking 30 ounces of cocoa daily found the Kuna were able to maintain normal blood pressure as they aged and enjoyed exceptional cardiovascular health despite a high-salt diet.† We are proud to be working with them to promote CocoaWell and their healthy culture.

We hope you’ll follow our Pinterest sites and invite us to follow yours. Happy pinning!

†Norman K. Hollenberg; Gregorio Martinez; Marji McCullough; et al. Aging
Acculturation, Salt Intake, and Hypertension in the Kuna of Panama.
Hypertension. 1997.