Free Radicals: Wannabe Gang Members (Part 2)

What makes the free radical a menace? There’s a Free Radical Theory on Aging (FRTA)+ that suggests oxidative free radicals can cause extensive cellular damage brought on by excessive oxidative stress. The reason why some molecules go radical is not completely understood.  Free radicals are harmful, out of control and a bad influence on our good cells. Like wannabe gang members,  they join forces with other bad-doers brought on by harmful lifestyle choices such as excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, fat intake and high exposure to UV rays, only to be further aggravated by environmental factors such as food preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, pollution and more. All of which trigger a free radical reaction.

Free Radicals are Harmful, Out Of Control and A Bad Influence On Our Good Cells.

How do you know free radicals have done your body damage? You’ll see outward evidence in wrinkles, flaccid skin, fluctuations in weight—especially weight gain, thinning hair and loss. And the list goes on. Don’t let those free radicals gang up on you.

+ proposed by Denham Harman in the 1950s

Next time, defending yourself against Free Radicals is not Mission Impossible