Holiday Recovery: 3 Healthy Detox Swaps

The holidays taste so good, don’t they? With comfort foods, family and friends, and lots of seasonal treats to grab, it’s so easy to overeat and drink a few too many. And this time of the year, it’s not necessarily that we are eating without abandon, it just could mean we are snacking more, eating more sugar, and at the same time, slacking at the gym. Do not fret: you are not alone. We all do it. And we can all benefit from a healthy detox. The healthiest way to get back on track is through the food we eat–not the elimination of it! So enjoy these easy, delicious food swaps that will have you thinner by dinner.


If you are like me, coffee is part of your daily routine. In fact, organic coffee can be good for you — but drinking too much can not only make your heart race, it can raise two hormones called cortisol and insulin. Add sugary flavor syrups or cream and sugar, and your morning cup of joe can add another few hundred calories to your diet before you walk out the door. So, swap your latte for caffeinated green tea: it contains polyphenols and other beneficial compounds that can help reduce oxidative stress to micromolecules and may even help with weight loss.


Okay, I get it. Who can resist a bowl of spaghetti with meatballs or a piping hot caldron of mac ‘n cheese this time of year? But all that pasta is can be wreaking havoc on your gut. Not only is it often filled with gluten, it is packed with calories that sit on your hips if you are not burning it off on a morning run (and let’s face it, who is running when it’s 20 degrees or, worse, when you are sleeping in post-holiday party?) Consider swapping out your pasta for Quinoa (pronounced “Keen-wah”). A supergrain that is grown in the mountains of Ecuador was once called “the gold of the Inca’s” is gluten free, contains protein and has every one of the nine essential amino acids: Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine (cysteine), Valine, Threonine, Tryptophan and Phenylalanine (tyrosine). Quinoa cooks just like rice and tastes just as good, if not better. If you have to have pasta, choose a quinoa pasta, which is available in most grocery stores.


Smoothies are delicious and if they are yogurt-based, do pack the promise of probiotics. But often, what you may think is a healthy smoothie is actually a milkshake filled with sugar and calories! Try a green juice instead. If you have been hesitant to join the green juice movement, now is the time to put your fear of greens aside. Green juices can deliver a day’s worth of fruits and vegetables in a single serving, and often give you the energy you thought your body was craving from coffee. The chlorophyll in these plant-based foods can help rid the body of environmental toxins as well as aid the liver in detoxification. My favorite types of green juices are cold-pressed and organic (be sure to check that your greens are organic or else you can be simply increasing your pesticide intake!). For a great starter green juice combo, try spinach, kale, cucumber, apple and lemon. Still can’t get past the “green” color? Step into juicing by trying this combo: beet, carrots, apple and ginger!

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