Do You Know What Makes CocoaWell® Award-Winning?

True Energy with AdaptoStress3™

2012 Best New Finished Product finalist, Nutraward

2011 Best of Supplements Award, Better Nutrition magazine

Our exclusive AdaptoStress3™ blend features these adaptogenic herbs: 200 mg of Ashwagandha, 300 mg of Rhodiola and 200 mg of Schisandra.

  • Clinical studies suggest that Ashwagandha may exhibit strong relaxation support while promoting and supporting stamina and endurance.*
  • Rhodiola may help promote concentration, memory and mental acuity on tiring days. It works at the cellular level to help promote energy while fortifying the body to reduce frustration.*
  • Schisandra extract helps support improved concentration and endurance while reducing mental fatigue.*
  • True Energy with AdaptoStress3 also delivers 142.5 mg of naturally sourced caffeine from tea to help enhance energy and the body’s ability to adapt to occasional stress.*

2011 Best of Supplements Award, Better Nutrition Magazine

CoQ10 advanced formula

2012 Best Heart Health Supplement Award honorable mention, Delicious Living magazine

Our CoQ10 combines a 200 mg serving of CoQ10 for cardiovascular support with CocoaWell Organic Cocoa Powder and a 400 mg serving of our Pure Plant Flavanol Complex (PPF Complex®) to provide 225 mg of total flavanols*


2011 Editor’s Choice Award, National Foods Merchandiser magazine

CocoaWell launched in March 2011