Naomi Knows: Celebrating the Mother-Daughter Connection

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother,” once said Abraham Lincoln.

Life doesn’t come with a manual, but if you are lucky, it comes with a mother. A mother is her daughter’s first role model, first friend and first love. A mother is her daughter’s first listener and first teacher. And as she mothers, she plants millions of seeds—seeds of information that a daughter will carry with her each and every day of her life, and someday, will pass down to her own children.

From how to sleep to what to eat, from how to read to how to speak to how to cook to how to dress, from how to rest to how to go out and conquer the world—it’s the spoken words and unspoken gestures which instill the values inside a woman’s heart and mind.

This month at Reserveage™ Nutrition, we will be celebrating the special things we have learned from our own mothers. I will share with you my favorite advice from my own mother and my grandmother Mooti—and how they have truly influenced the woman I am and what I do today at Reserveage™ Nutrition. I will also share with you my experiences as a mother to my own children—how I approach being a mother and how much my children have enriched my life.

We will talk to our friends and partners about their connection to their moms. We will highlight real inspirational stories; let you in on our favorite beauty secrets we’ve learned from our moms and share recipes from our mother’s kitchens.

Our goal is to honor our own mothers and celebrate you, who are mothers yourselves, by showing you why moms truly do it best.

Share your inspirational stories with us @Reserveage.