Where Do You Want To Be In The Next Six Months?

Where do you want to be in the next six months? I like to ask myself this question detempsentemps, pourquoi? I have a vision for my life that takes a bit of planning. Like the Cha-Cha, success is made of many small steps, mostly going forward, but with a few going back. The way I set this up is I ask myself, “Where do I want to be mentally, emotionally, physical and spiritually?” Then, like the first Cha-Cha step, I write it out—a small, achievable vision, something I can actually materialize. I have already noted my desire is so great that I am motivated absolutely, and because the steps are incremental, I have set myself up pour la sucés ! Alors ma chère venez avec moi!

The holiday season is upon us and you may wish—and who doesn’t—to look and feel your best. What small thing can you do today and every day to achieve this? Sleep enough, eat well but not too much, move your body every day (“Cha Cha Cha!”). And be sure to support your vitality with the right supplements.

You know we French women don’t exactly love to go to the gym, oui c’est vrais!

How About You? If You Give Yourself Six Months to Change or Add Something Healthy to Your Routine, So That Your Life is a Reflection of You, What Would It Be?

But we do take ourselves seriously. When we walk, we walk fast. Naturally we climb stairs (des fois trop), en général on bouge! And we make movement part of our daily life. I plan on activities six days a week—”cross training,” if you will. For me that includes long uphill walks in the country, horseback riding (I am new to this but some adventure makes life exciting—non!), eh ben la danse. For me it is Argentine Tango, oh la la la passion!

This simple list of activities makes me happy. It does take a bit of effort and I do suggest a couple of good supplements such as Reserveage Advanced Solutions’ AdaptoStress3™ Energy and Reserveage Nutrition Collagen Booster. The peace I get from my simple regimen supports my next six-month step—my mental well-being.

It’s interesting how sleep and movement contribute so much to a sense of peace and serenity. But it is true.  When I do what I love, even for a few minutes, I forget everything else and am happy. Taking little steps (cha-cha) like a few minutes of activity lifts my spirits. I feel better and, if I may say so, I look better too!

And as the cold weather approaches, I, too, will ‘hit the gym’ as you say and do it happily, knowing it’s worth it to achieve my six-month vision. This is motivation fueled by true desire. I wish you Bonne Chance, or good luck; only I spell ‘LUCK’ the French way—‘WORK!’

How about you? If you give yourself six months to change or add something healthy to your routine, so that your life is a reflection of you, what would it be? I would love to hear from you!

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À votre Santé!

Valerie Daniel, born to French parents and raised abroad, is an employee of Reserveage™ Nutrition.