Naomi Whittel started Reserveage Nutrition™ with just four Resveratrol products more than five years ago; her goal was to become an innovator in the health and wellness field. Working with a renowned team of PhDs, medical advisers and nutritional experts, she sought to provide best- in-class nutritional supplements that are backed by gold standard science.

Every one of our products takes its inspiration from clinically researched ingredients and the world’s healthiest cultures.

My quest of curiosity (a wanderlust, if you will) began when I was a very young girl. Growing up in a family of chemists and scientists who immersed themselves in a biodynamic, organic lifestyle long before it was a trend, we always turned to pure, whole ingredients taken from the earth for solutions. This has become my lifelong passion and purpose and is why I founded Reserveage™ Nutrition. I welcome you to join me in my journey to wellness.

Our founder, Naomi Whittel, was having dinner with her cousin, Dr. Eric Lafforgue, when their conversation turned to The French Paradox. Why do the French, who enjoy a rich diet filled with cheese, pastries and great wine, also enjoy good health? The answer may be their daily consumption of red wine, which contains Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that has been shown in studies to help support the “longevity gene.” At that moment, the cousins decided to harness the antioxidant power of Resveratrol. And Reserveage™ Nutrition and the first four Resveratrol products were born, launching in March of 2009.

What is Reserveage’s Mission? To promote and nourish wellness—one body, one goal, one solution at a time—in a way that incorporates sustainability and equal opportunity for wellness. Our vision is to become the leading global innovator in a way that revolutionizes wellness and the wellbeing of the world through science-based premier brands and sustainable sourcing.

Our planet is our most precious inheritance. Reserveage Nutrition honors the richness of this gift through environmentally conscious practices—in the fields, in our offices, and in our manufacturing facilities. Our partnership with innovative individuals and organizations worldwide brings you the pure and fresh ingredients obtained through environmentally responsible agricultural practices. We are committed to healthy organic living.

Reserveage Resveratrol supplements are created through combining standardized amounts of resveratrol from Japanese knotweed with our polyphenol blend from our patent-pending, proprietary process called Vine to Capsule® technology that preserves the essential phytonutrients found in grape skin, vines and stems. By partnering with a state-of-the art polyphenol manufacturing facility just minutes from the vineyards where we source the ingredients in our premium Pro-Longevity Factors® Blend, we are able to boost its bioavailability, resulting in products dedicated to purity, potency and freshness. “Individuals appreciate the sincere transparency Reserveage offers, and I am confident in each capsule’s quality,” said Reserveage’s Scientific Adviser Eric Lafforgue, MD.