Perks from French Red Wine: The Story of Resveratrol

Have the French transformed the high-fat diet? It is true the French are a paradox—a high-fat diet does not generally equate with slender.  Or does it?  How can a good red wine equal robust health? No wonder the French exclaim “SANTE!” for “Good Health!” when they clink their glasses! What is their secret to la Vie en Rose and vigorous health?

Well their secret is out—it’s called resveratrol and it’s found in their red wine! You say you will never look at wine the same way – it is true you cannot! From red wine we learn the story of resveratrol. Directly linked to the French Paradox-– Resveratrol is the antioxidant dense polyphenol that grapevines use as their first line of defense: a powerful protective compound found in the red wine grape! Naturellement!, the strongest resveratrol is found in the best organic /biodynamic red wine vineyards of Southern France.

Perhaps I Should Drink More Red Wine?

All resveratrol is the same—n’est pas? Non!But why not, you may ask? Resveratrol is the grapevines’ natural protective mechanism. The more the protection is used, the stronger the resveratrol produced by the vines. If on the other hand the vine is coddled with herbicides and pesticides to provide additional protection the grapevine’s natural protection mechanism doesn’t need to be as strong, resulting in a weaker resveratrol.+ All this in a glass of wine!

But what does a grapevine’s protection plan have to do with me? My health and well-being? “Perhaps I should drink more red wine?” you ask hopefully? Non, non- Cherie, too much wine is not good for the santé—au contraire, one must be modest in one’s consumption. How then, to get enough of this resveratrol? French or non– you want the ‘Longevity Gene’ to work for you, too!

Studies show that this vigorous resveratrol polyphenol activates the SIRT1 Gene, aka the ‘Longevity Gene,’ raising the potential to live longer, better and stronger. At the very heart of your vital organs’ intracellular activity, resveratrol works to neutralize errant free radicals as well as provide protection. Additionally the ‘Longevity Gene’ is called upon to actively repair damage to intracellular bodies.

Taking resveratrol supplements in addition to a healthy lifestyle will support your own Vie en Rose! To your own SANTE! To promote this, make sure your resveratrol is sourced from a region known to produce the strongest resveratrol polyphenol response—Southern France. Moreover, choose a supplement whose resveratrol is from wildcrafted polygonum cuspidatum combined with grapes that are organically grown and whose to ensure your resveratrol is high quality and effective. Reserveage™ Nutrition offers a full line of organic/biodynamic French Resveratrol products: Resveratrol Ultimate Antioxidant as well as Resveratrol capsules of various strengths.

+Brandt, K., and J.P. Molgaard. 2001. Organic agriculture: does it enhance or reduce the nutritional value of plant foods?,” Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Vol. 81: 924-931.