Butcher’s Broom is an ancient low lying shrub that has been known to enhance blood circulation.*


Helps strengthen collagen in veins and helps support healthy circulation.* The discovery of new pharmacological activity of Butcher’s Broom, particularly as a cytotoxic agent, demonstrate the need for continued research on Butcher’s Broom.


People have used the herb for centuries, once even consuming it as a vegetable. Today, an extract made with Butcher’s Broom roots and rootstock is the herb’s primary claim to fame. Widely used in Europe, Butcher’s Broom has recently gained in popularity in the United States.


Butcher’s Broom (also known as knee holly and Jew’s myrtle) is a perennial evergreen shrub found throughout Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Did You Know?

“Butchers Broom” is named as so because its branches were a traditional source of broom straw used by butchers.

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