Do You Know CocoaWell® by Reserveage™ Nutrition?

CocoaWell® by Reserveage™ Nutrition, like explorers of old, began its exotic journey circumventing the globe, trampling through thick tangled jungles in search of the renowned cocoa, a cocoa reminiscent of the tales of the past. A cocoa so powerful and legendary that an indigenous people still consider it a vital and essential part of their daily lives! A cocoa grown, harvested and treated with great reverence by the Kuna, where two mighty oceans, the Atlantic and Pacific, meet at the Isthmus of Panama.  The jewel of our quest is a land almost overlooked—the tiny San Blas islands, home to the Kuna and the powerful cocoa superfruit they regard like a member of the family.

A Cocoa So Powerful and Legendary That an Indigenous People Still Consider it a Vital and Essential Part of Their Daily Lives!

The Kuna live a life infused with ancient wisdom and traditions. The Kuna Yala region is a geo-politically-recognized territory comprised of 49 Kuna villages or communities. Age-old knowledge is passed down through Saila—‘governors’ or ‘senators’ from each community who, following custom, have memorized and chants the history, legends and laws of the Kuna, including the sacred history of the people, such as the importance and health benefits of cocoa.

Their ancestors had long considered cocoa a beverage of the gods, and by extension, members of the family. They consumed this sacred potion in vast quantities. Tradition has it that it extends life and keeps one fit and vigorous and alert throughout life. Today the Kuna keep this tradition very much alive. Until they lost most of their cacao trees to witch’s broom disease, and their livelihood as cocoa farmers as a result, they drank as many as 30 ounces of cocoa a day!

Surrounded by rich moist jungle, oceans and inland rivers that provide them with a plethora of foods, cocoa being the most important, the Kuna “are known for their ability to maintain blood pressure and cardiovascular health already at normal levels,” as noted in the Harvard Medical School 20-year study. Researcher Dr. Hollenberg’s study concluded this is directly attributed to their daily consumption of unadulterated, un-stripped cocoa. It is cocoa’s hidden compound epicatechin that, in spite of a high-salt diet, is believed to be responsible for the Kuna’s health and vigor. This is further supported by Dr. Hollenberg’s observation that the coastal Kuna enjoyed better health than their neighbors on the mainland who did not drink cocoa regularly. Dr. Hollenberg concluded his study with the declaration that Kuna people have “probably the most flavonoid-rich diet of any population.”*

CocoaWell offers you the best of all worlds—cocoa without the guilt and sometimes without the calories[J1] ! The Kuna people’s healthy experience with cocoa inspired it, and now CocoaWell by Reserveage Nutrition has partnered with them to promote CocoaWell and cocoa’s health benefits. This is the first time the Kuna have permitted a company to use their cultural likeness to promote a product.

It’s called CocoaWell because, in addition to whole-food organic cocoa, it contains our proprietary blend called Pure Plant Flavanol Complex (PPF Complex®). This blend of green tea and acacia catechu provides three types of polyphenols—flavanols such as EGCG, catechin and epicatechin.

We introduced CocoaWell with three supplements in veggie capsules to support whole-body wellness and enhance energy*: Cocoa Science™, True Energy with AdaptoStress3™ and CoQ10 advanced formula.

  • Cocoa Naturally Energizing Fair Trade Cocoa Powder Supplement

Our naturally sweetened and unsweetened Cocoa Powder Supplement contains 200 mg of our PPF Complex and 250 mg of Organic Chocamine®  brand extract for promoting whole-body wellness.*

Chocamine® is exclusively licensed by RFI L.L.C.