Reserveage Nutrition and Naomi Whittel Earn Top Women in Business Honors

Founder and CEO Naomi Whittel and Reserveage™ Nutrition have earned the world’s top honors for female entrepreneurs, executives, and the organizations they run—The Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Whittel, who serves as Reserveage CEO, has been named the Gold Stevie Winner as Female Executive of the Year of a consumer products company with 11 – 2,500 employees. In addition, she is the Silver Stevie Winner as Female Entrepreneur of the Year, and Reserveage has been honored with the Silver Stevie award for Fastest Growing Company with more than 10 employees.

The honors were announced at the 9th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business November 9 in New York City.

Whittel’s Mission in Starting the Company was to Build a Sustainability-Focused Model Based on a Commitment to Eco-Farming Practices and Sourcing Organic, Fair Trade-Certified Ingredients Whenever Possible!

When Whittel founded the company in March 2009, she came from a family committed to biodynamic farming. Whittel’s heritage influenced her passion for natural products and inspired a quest to be first-to-market with products inspired by clinically researched ingredients or from the diets of the world’s healthiest cultures.

A year ago, the company entered into a landmark business agreement with the indigenous Kuna of Panama, whose sacred practice of drinking cocoa daily—with documented health benefits—inspired its CocoaWell line featuring whole-food organic cocoa. This marked the first time the Kuna ruling chiefs allowed a company to use the Kuna people’s cultural likeness to promote a product.

Reserveage strives to be a democratic role model in the industry as well as the global community. The company earned a place on the 6th Annual WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ 2012. In addition, Whittel is dedicated to helping her fellow women entrepreneurs succeed. She created DAWN—Developing and Advancing Women in Naturals.