Save Face with the Help of Reserveage Collagen Booster™

It turns out that combining Collagen with Resveratrol, as we do in our Collagen Booster™, can help support healthy skin.* That’s according to a new open-label user studyΔ led by two of our advisers, University of Florida researchers Heather Hausenblas, PhD, and Stephen Anton, PhD, who tested our product in 29 female volunteers ages 35 – 70.

Turning 30 is a milestone for women because it symbolizes the beginning of the “descent,” if you will, into middle age. By some accounts middle age starts at 35, while others say it starts at 40 or 45. At 30, signs of aging may begin to show because the collagen your body produces naturally begins to slow down. When women begin to notice the telltale signs in their faces, via lines, wrinkles and larger pores, they may feel less attractive.

Feeling Attractive As You Age May Be Easier When You Take Resveratrol and Collagen

Drs. Hausenblas and Anton wanted to test their hypothesis that taking Collagen with Resveratrol could promote the feeling that skin looks and feels youthful. *

The women that volunteered for the study, after taking a two-capsule serving of Collagen Booster for six months, found it made a positive difference in how they saw themselves.*

reserveage-collagen-booster-2“We tested Collagen Booster’s effects on facial aging because it’s a unique formula that combines clinically researched Resveratrol and BioCell Collagen®,” Hausenblas said. “While follow-up research is needed, the preliminary results of our study are quite encouraging.”*

The Facial Analysis reported a lower percentage of facial pores. *

The researchers measured women’s satisfaction results on a Self-Report Skin Satisfaction Scale, which assesses satisfaction with the following 10 areas: firmness, complexion, glow, pores, youthful appearance, fine lines, elasticity, wrinkles, smoothness, crow’s feet, tone, and overall skin. The women reported satisfaction in their skin was significantly higher at 3 and 6 months than at the start of the study.*

“When women feel like they look youthful, they feel more attractive,” Dr. Heather said. “That’s what we were hoping to achieve with the study.”

You can see it in your face: Resveratrol and Collagen

This study of our Collagen Booster indicates that collagen and dietary bioactive antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols may have the potential to improve skin appearance and support general health.* 1 2

1Schwartz SR, Park J. Ingestion of BioCell Collagen, a novel hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage extract; enhance blood microcirculation and reduced facial aging signs. Clin Interv Aging. 2012;7:267–273.

save-face-collagen-booster2De la Lastra CA , Villegas I. Resveratrol as an antioxidant and pro-oxidant agent: mechanisms and clinical implications. Biochem Soc Trans. 2007;35(Pt 5):1156–1160.

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ΔStudy was funded in part by Reserveage Nutrition.

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