Supporting Cultures Around the World

The Kuna people, who follow a sacred practice of drinking cocoa every day, inspired CocoaWell®. To share the knowledge the Kuna contribute to our understanding of health and longevity, Reserveage™ Nutrition entered into an exclusive sustainable working partnership with the Kuna General Congress of Panama. Delegates from each of the Kuna’s 49 communities voted to approve this decision as part of their world-renowned democratic process. This agreement marks the first time the Kuna have agreed to allow any company to use their likeness to promote a product and work together for their mutual benefit.

Reserveage Nutrition has embarked on a new program to work with the Kuna to restore their natural cocoa production and preserve the cocoa farmer’s livelihood. In 2013 our company worked alongside agronomist from CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center located in Costa Rica) and Kuna farmers who conducted soil testing throughout all three regions of the reserve. These tests were utilized to locate the most nutrient-rich areas conducive to the planting of a cacao nursery. Experts from CATIE also selected a special seed that is resistant to the most prevalent fungus that has infected their crops for the past decade. Our goal is to assist them in pursuing various avenues that will help them secure their economic future once their cacao farming is reinvigorated.

In 2013, we provided financial support to the Kuna as part of our marketing agreement with them. In addition, we have also donated money toward the completion of the Cangandi Cultural Hall in Kuna Yala’s Cangandi Village. Their inhabitants were forced to seek higher ground due to the rising waters caused by global warming. By replacing the social center, this new meetinghouse will offer communal restoration and political discussion, along with the traditional Kuna arts of chanting, dancing, mola weaving and more.