Because We All Share This Earth

Reserveage™ Nutrition was founded on an unwavering commitment to green standards, sustainability, and social stewardship.

Our planet is our most precious inheritance. Reserveage Nutrition honors the richness of this gift through environmentally conscious practices—in the grape fields, in our offices, and in our manufacturing facilities. Our partnership with innovative individuals and organizations worldwide brings you the pure and fresh ingredients obtained through environmentally responsible agricultural practices.

We are committed to healthy organic living. We are proud of our sustainable working relationship with the indigenous Kuna of coastal Panama. A new program that we have developed will allow us to help the Kuna restore natural cocoa production and preserve the cocoa farmers’ livelihood so the Kuna people can develop a sustainable economy. Their sacred health practice is what inspired our CocoaWell® brand, and we feel strongly that we have a responsibility to work side by side with the Kuna to help secure their economic future once their cacao farming is reinvigorated.

Reserveage Nutrition prides itself on being a democratic, sustainable role model for our customers and community and making a truly global impact on the world. We are involved locally and nationally by supporting philanthropic programs that work to improve lives. Here are some of the many community initiatives: Feed the Children, GNC Live Well Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society, National Education Services for Assistance Dog Services (NEADS), NBTY Helping Hands, and Vitamin Angels via Vitamin Shoppe.

To read more about our sustainable business practices, our sustainable sourcing and our philanthropic initiatives, please view our