Resveratrol: Turn Back The Clock + Turn On Your Youth Gene

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31, we are reminded that with each New Year we have a blank slate to begin again, take charge of our health and do things better. But what if we could actually turn back the clock? Enter Resveratrol: the powerful polyphenol found in our proprietary blend of standardized Japanese Knotweed and the skins of red wine and muscadine grapes. The polyphenols contained in resveratrol have been the focus of clinical research which points to resveratrol’s ability to help stimulate the SIRT 1 gene as evidenced by the French Paradox, the phenomenon which suggests that the French, despite a high fat diet and high consumption of wine, had a healthier heart rate   with Americans.

Researchers agree that it’s the resveratrol that can be credited–but while Resveratrol is often found in food, it is simply not possible to get the amount of resveratrol you need to help stimulate the SIRT1 gene consuming a tremendous amount of food and red wine per day.

After going to study with the experts on resveratrol at the University of Bordeaux, I worked closely with our Reserveage Institute to develop a supplement that features trans-Resveratrol from wildcrafted standardized Japanese Knotweed extract. We blend the extract with organic and biodynamic Muscadine grapes and the skins, seeds and the stems of French red grapes that are minimally processed through our Vine to Capsule® technology. So you can get the benefit without the adverse effects of increased weight from tremendous daily amounts of food or alcohol or alongside benefits from our beauty protein supplements such as our Keratin Booster for healthier skin, hair and nails (with the added benefits of a boost of polyphenols.)

Nonetheless, you can eat for your beauty, too. Make sure you incorporate these resveratrol containing foods into your diet daily:

  • Dark Red Berries: Stock up on cranberries, raspberries, mulberries and blueberries for an easy fix.
  • Red Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux, the fuller-bodied, the better and best if biodynamic
  • Peanuts and Peanut Butter: Crack open a peanut shell, and the protective layer inside   with resveratrol and other nutrients like phytosterols   help maintain cholesterol that are already within the normal range.
  • Dark Chocolate (my grandmother started her day with it every morning!)

Start turning back your clock today! View all of our Reserveage Nutrition Supplements; find the perfect ones to include with your beauty and wellness regiments.