What I’ve Learned from My Mom & Grandmother Mooti

When I think of the women who have come before me, I think of these words: strength, character, beauty and the undeniable power that comes from taking control of your own destiny.

As a young girl, my grandmother Mooti would send me into her gardens in the South of France to gather herbs for her many health supportive preparations. Not only did she instill a work ethic that I carry with me to this day—she also taught me to use these natural ingredients in our home to support our family’s wellness. She taught me the value of a good seed, of using my hands to create something from nothing, and the important secrets that the Earth holds for us. She taught me to honor the beauty of nature—and how to live a healthy life so that I could go out into the world and become what I wanted to be.

And lucky for me, some of those words of wisdom included bites like this one: “Dark chocolate is one of the healthiest things you can put into your mouth.” Yes, she started each day with a piece of dark chocolate (filled with flavanols and antioxidants)—and this has become a tradition I carry on at home with my own daughter, Megan—and inspired my work with the Kuna people to help them reforest their cacao plantations.

Mooti also taught me that I could become anything I desired if I worked for it. This is a beautiful message that I want to reflect on this month as we celebrate moms and what they mean to us.

As for my mother Valerie, who many of you have come to know in my journey on QVC, what can I say? I am deeply inspired by her personal journey to become her best self by taking her health and weight loss into her own hands by starting a reduced calorie diet and exercise program. I developed SafSlim, which can increase a hormone called adiponectin, in part just for her to help her reduce the midsection fat from the decline of adiponectin after she hit menopause*—and while for years she felt held back from enjoying life to its fullest, she now has the ability to do the things she loves to do, including dancing.

Nothing makes me more joyful than the opportunity to share my journey at Reserveage™ Nutrition with my own mother.

As we celebrate Mother’s all month long I’d like to wish Mooti and my mum — and all of you — Light and Love!