What’s to Dread About Free Radicals? (Part 1)

What are free radicals and how do they affect your health on a cellular level?

Trillions of cells are pulsing through your body, so as you can imagine, they are extremely small living organisms. Yet they are the foundation on which your health and wellbeing are built. Each has a designated function, one of which is converting nutrients into energy.


Next time, More on the Free Radical, A Wannabe Gang Member

Your cells are made of an inconceivable number of molecules, which in turn are made of atoms that can be similar or different enough to cause a reaction. While cells are alive, molecules are not.  Molecules are happiest in a stable state. A strong bond of electrons forms the outer layer. What makes electrons strong is that they walk arm in arm, in sets of two. When you keep them happy, they are at their peak and ideal.

The free radical molecule is dreaded because it aims to break up electrons’ stability! It finds and clings to a weak link in the outer electron layer and pulls the loose electron off course. Beware the free radical as a threat to stable cellular health.